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Parcel Post Leicester is committed to customer satisfaction and quality service, and now the online booking system has been specifically designed to provide and promote a customer-orientated experience that demonstrates true dedication to cost-effectiveness and competitive pricing for document and parcel delivery in the UK and abroad.

A saving of over half the original price, combined with a renowned reputation for prompt, efficient and effective service, means that Parcel Post Leicester customers can rest assured that their documents and parcels really are in the safest of hands, and at a cost that is market-beating and genuinely affordable.

Parcel Force Prices and Delivery Times

Destination UK
Parcel Force Transit Time
(working days)
1 - 2
Under 10 kg £10.00
30 kg £12.00

DHL – UK and overseas

Parcel Post Leicester offers an online booking system; this enables customers who do not have a account to take advantage of the reputable, reliable and affordable service provided by market leaders.

You must have internet access to use the system, and a printer in order to create a label for your item or items. You will also need e-mail so that a confirmation can be sent to you, which will let you know that payment and booking has successfully been processed. In order to book, customers can use either a credit or debit card, or a credit account.

Parcel Post Leicester provides you with a free online tracking service, so that you can keep up to date with the status of your shipment’s progress.

Weights and Limits

It is important to be aware of the maximum parcel weight and size before you request a UK or international delivery. You can easily calculate the weight of your parcel using standard kitchen or bathroom scales, whilst measuring the item with a tape measure or ruler. Weights must be specified in kilograms (kg), whilst dimensions should be centimetres (cm).

The maximum weight for a parcel is 30.0kg, whilst the maximum dimensions must be no more than 60cm x 60cm x 60cm. You may be charged by volumetric weight instead of actual weight if your parcel is large and light, but this will be calculated for you based on the dimensions that you enter online.

Parcel Post Leicester has become a global market leader, consistently achieving levels above excellence in the express delivery industry. With a network spanning over 200 countries and territories, and delivering to thousands of destinations, the name Parcel Post Leicester DHL has become synonymous with successful, efficient courier and express services to both business and private customers. Parcel Post Leicester offers truly comprehensive solutions for international and domestic mail and parcel shipments, and boasts one of the largest delivery networks in the world. With Parcel Post Leicester, you are utilising a service that is globally renowned for dedication to customer satisfaction and fast, effective delivery that truly exemplifies the concept of value for money.

With Parcel Post Leicester, the dedication to customer service means that collections can easily be arranged around the needs of the sender.