Parcel Post Leicester Measurements

Parcel Post Leicester pride ourselves in being able to offer a complete range of delivery services boasting total reliability and value for money. with secure and on time deliveries. With an international network spanning more than 220 countries, and a global workforce of around 300,000 people, you know Parcel Post Leicester is a name you can trust.

Parcel Post Leicester are the country's Premier courier delivery company offering you easy to understand products and services, providing both reliability and flexibility from all possible origins to all possible destinations. Dependability, speed, and efficient customer service are the traits that set Parcel Post Leicester apart from our competitors


  • Maximum weight per parcel 30KG
  • Maximum length per parcel 150CM on longest side
  • Maximum Girth is no greater than 300cm or 3M - Girth should be calculated as twice the height of the parcel plus twice the width of the parcel measured around its thickest part plus once the length.

    When time is critical and you need your shipment to arrive at the start of the business day, you can count on PARCEL POST to get the job done.

    Our Express Worldwide Service offers delivery before close of business on the next possible working day. This service is available to more than 220 countries worldwide. For shipments being sent within the UK, we offer delivery before 09:30, 12.00 or close of business,

    ENJOY MORE SUCCESSFUL FIRST TIME DELIVERIES @HOME is a new range of flexible UK delivery services designed to get your deliveries to your customers when they are at home. With an extended delivery window up to 9.00pm, you get more first time deliveries and fewer returned packages.


    When your shipping requirements are less urgent, we offer a Economy Select service which provides reliable and cost effective doo to door delivery for single and multi-piece shipments to 34 European countries and territories.

  • Maximum weight per parcel 70KG
  • Maximum Dimensions per parcel are 120CM * 80CM * 80CM
  • Sometimes you need to send large packages that use up a lot of space but weigh very little - a small but valuable item surrounded by lots of protective packaging for example. To calculate the volumetric weight of your shipment simply multiply the length (cm) by height (cm) by width (cm) and divide the result by 4,000 for Economy Select.
  • Up to 1,000KG per shipment
  • Weights and dimensions in excess of the above will incur additonal surcharges.

    For Drop off Centre, please click here: Contact Parcel Post Leicester